Jegs Floor Jack Review

There is no other reason why people depend on jegs products rather than its high performance and quality. Since the inception of the company in 1960, Jegs have produced different automotive products, and one of them is lift jack. This post on the best jegs floor jack reviews will reveal all that you need to know.

When it comes to durability and topnotch performance for automotive products, you have no other place to turn to than jegs. So, let’s check out some of Jegs floor jack you can consider in the market.

Best Jegs Floor Jack

JEGS 80077

The JEGS 80077 is ever reliant and fit for all the roughest work as regarding changing tires and doing some other maintenance work that demands the use of lift jack. It is made to be strong and durable thanks to the solid materials used during construction. 

The aluminum material used in its construction makes it lightweight for user handing but tough for raising loads. It meets every requirement and demand for standard lift jacks. For quick lifting of cars, effortless means of raising low profile cars, JEGS 80077 is a perfect choice.

It has saddles that rotate 360 degrees, which is a great feature for you to use anywhere without restriction. It has wide wheels for easy mobility, the dual side handles make it effortless to move, it has rubber lift pad that prevents marring, and 50-inch piece handle that supports vehicle after raising it.

The lift jack is a 3-ton professional jack that can be used for professional and DIY works. It can withstand load weighing about 6000 pounds with the lift height of 3 ½ inches to 19 ¼ inches. 


  • Bypass valves prevent overloading of the jack
  • Wide wheels for easy movement
  • Perfect for low profile cars
  • Very fast with lifting cars
  • Two supportive handles to stabilize the raised object
  • Rubber lift pad prevents marring
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Traces of oil spillage but not a major setback

JEGS 80006

The JEGS 80006 is another lift jack from the brand you can consider. The lift jack is handy and environmentally friendly. Irrespective of your knowledge or being a first-time handler, you will always find it smooth and effortless to use. 

It is lightweight and just weighs 49 pounds. The capacity of the professional low lift jack is lower than that of JEGS 80077 as it boasts of 4000 pounds load capacity. It comes with a saddle that rotates 360 degrees and has other features you can find in JEGS 80077. 

It has 3 ½ inches as the minimum height of lifting an object and 19 ¼ inches as the maximum height it can reach. It makes it a perfect choice for cars that are very close to the ground. It can be considered for both DIY and professional works.


  • Knurled grip lowers the rate of oil spillage
  • Rubber lift pas prevents marring of the hydraulic
  • Offers support to the object when raised with the help of the tow piece handle
  • Strong, durable and lightweight


  • It has no significant setback

JEGS 80006 vs 80077

The similarities and differences between the two are quite obvious. I won’t give attention to the similarities but the differences. The JEGS 80077 is a 3-ton low profile jack, while JEGS 80006 is a 2-ton low profile jack.

The JEGS 80006 has 4000 pounds weight capacity while JEGS 80077 has 6000 pounds weight capacity. Those are the likely differences you can see with the products. Aside from those differences, they share similar features. 


Should you consider JEGS products as your choice for lift jack, then you need to read this post on the best jegs floor jack reviews. It covers all that you need to know so you can always make the right decision.