Blackhawk B6350 Fast Lift Service Jack Review

One of the respected brands in the automotive industry is Blackhawk. One of the products we want to review with you is the Blackhawk B6350, which is known as a fast lift service jack. One of the selling points of the jack is the ample capacity of about 7000 pounds for 3.5 tons loads.

The floor jack offers impressive benefits, which is the reason for its recognition by both beginners and expert mechanics. Most as well recommend to car owners because it doesn’t take time for anyone to lift a load with it, and the design and features ensure user safe operation.

Just before we head over to some vital aspects of the jack, if you are ever going to be using the floor jack, do ensure that the release valve is turned clockwise until the firm resistance is felt. You will need a jack stand to support your load since the hydraulic jack is designed to lift alone.

Blackhawk B6350 Fast Lift Service Jack Features

Here are the dynamic features that make the floor jack a perfect choice for commercial and personal use.

Unique body design

The first thing to look out for in a floor jack is the body design. This jack is designed with top quality material, and it comes in a fantastic structure. The design boasts of rear caster and a swivel padded saddle that makes it easier for smooth positioning anywhere.

Also, it has rolled frames on its side that serves as the source of the strength and power of the jack. You can’t overlook it in the market for its built-in safety internal valve and bypass device that plays a significant role in preventing you from over pumping the jack.


When you make mention of sturdy floor jack with lots of capacity to handle heavy-duty loads, Blackhawk B6350 can never be overlooked. Its heavy-duty steel construction is the secret to its sturdiness and toughness. It is the kind of jack that you can use for a more extended period.

Fast lift technology

The prowess of the jack doesn’t just lie in its strength and power alone but also in its fast lifting technology system. It can lift load very fast to the jacking point. Also, for smooth and easy lifting, it has two-piece handles that have padding to ensure your vehicle is prevented from damages just in case it comes in contact with the handle of the jack.



  • The 3.5-ton floor jack has the lifting range of 5.5 inches to 22 inches
  • It is straightforward to use for anyone
  • It has fast lifting technology for fast operation
  • It has an internal safety valve to prevent over pumping
  • Boasts of rolled side frames to avoid twisting
  • Over pumping bypass device included
  • Padded and removable handle for easy use



  • It gives squeaking sound whenever it lifts a vehicle
  • It is heavy and might be challenging to move around although the caster wheels are available to sort that out
  • Nothing holed the rubber pad in place
  • It is only designed to lift load and not for support. So, once you have raised the load with it, you are advised to make good use of a jack stand to support the load.


Who is the Blackhawk B6350 for?

If you are in the business of repairing low profile vehicles, the right choice of floor jack for you from Blackhawk is the B6350. It has all it takes to offer the best experience and performance needed for work. Mind you, knowledge and skills can’t alone determine your performance as a mechanic as you need a quality floor jack too.

Also, if you like to engage in a DIY mechanic task such as changing your car tires and fixing some other things in your car and you need a lifting jack, you should consider this jack. It is the best to call upon in emergency cases, and it has the luxury of capacity to handle heavy-duty vehicles.


A close look at the Blackhawk B6350 review and you have got all that you need to know about the fantastic floor jack here. It is one of the best you could ever have in your tool collection, but it has its setback, which is nothing to worry about considering the worth and value of the jack.